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Gäste beim fröhlichen Beisammensein

Welcome to tablo, your restaurant for exquisite Turkish cuisine!

fine cuisine

Der Chefkoch beim Zubereiten einer Speise

At tablo you are going to love the fine Turkish cuisine and experience the well-known Turkish hospitality and excellent service. Enjoy the special atmosphere – authentic, cosy and modern. As the highest quality of our products is always our top priority, the best is just good enough for us. We offer a great variety of fresh fish daily, which you can see and select at our refrigerated display. You will be enthusiastic about our creations of gourmet fish such as gilthead sea bream, sole, turbot, loupe de mar along with light salads and vegetables.

turkish and international wines

Blick in den offenen Weinkeller

Apart from noble international wines, tablo offers a selection of delicious wines from fruitful Turkish wine-growing regions. We will find the right wine for your taste matching your selected food.

Let yourself be surprised by the fine fruity flavours of the elegant, yet mild and very fresh white wine Kavaklıdere Cankaya or indulge in the full sweetness of the soft and aromatic Kavaklıdere Sultaniye.

Our kitchen is open:

Monday / Sonday:16.30-23.00 Uhr

Tue / Wed / Thu: 12.00-23.00 Uhr

Friday: 12.00-23.30 Uhr

Saturday: 16.30-23.30 Uhr


Room acoustics & climate

In 2016 tablo was extensively renovated. Due to an innovative concept our rooms are now soundproof. Even in bigger groups you can now easily have group conversation. A new air-conditioning system ensures a pleasant atmosphere in our restaurant as well as in our event hall.


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